PA Sangma International Medical College And Hospital

5th Steering Committee Meeting will be Held from 26th to 28th June, 2024 at NKC Auditorium, USTM

Theme: Mission Healthcare 2030 in the Light of Act East Policy

Venue: NKC Auditorium, USTM   Time: 3 PM to 4 PM

Northeast India faces significant challenges in the healthcare sector. To address these issues, a discussion has been organized by the University of Science and Technology Meghalaya (USTM) where prominent figures from academic and healthcare institutions will participate. Given its proximity to ASEAN countries, Northeast India has the potential to attract visitors from these nations, enhancing healthcare services and boosting the region’s economy. The meeting will also highlight the transformative role of the upcoming PA Sangma International Medical College (PIMC) in improving healthcare in the region. This strategic dialogue aims to leverage regional advantages and drive substantial improvements in healthcare access and quality for the Northeast.