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PA Sangma International Medical College And Hospital


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PA Sangma International Medical College And Hospital is committed to fostering a safe and conducive learning environment for all students. Ragging, in any form, is strictly prohibited on our campus. Ragging not only poses a threat to the physical and mental well-being of students but also goes against the principles of mutual respect and dignity that we uphold. This Anti-Ragging Policy is designed to create awareness, prevent, and effectively address incidents of ragging within the PA Sangma International Medical College And Hospital.

Consequences of Ragging:

Students found guilty of ragging will face disciplinary action, which may include suspension, expulsion, or legal consequences as per the severity of the offense. The college is committed to providing a safe and nurturing environment for all students and will take prompt and strict action against any form of ragging.

Preventive Measures

Orientation Programs: The college shall conduct orientation programs for both new students and existing students to create awareness about the detrimental effects of ragging and the consequences associated with it.

Awareness Campaigns: Regular awareness campaigns shall be organized through posters, seminars, and other mediums to educate students about the anti-ragging policies and the importance of maintaining a healthy and respectful campus environment.

Mentoring System: The college shall establish a mentoring system wherein senior students shall act as mentors to guide and assist junior students, fostering a sense of camaraderie and support.

Reporting Mechanism: An anonymous and confidential reporting mechanism shall be established to encourage students to report incidents of ragging without fear of reprisal.

Prohibited Activities

The following activities are strictly prohibited and will be considered as ragging:

Physical Abuse: Any form of physical harm, including but not limited to hitting, slapping, or causing injury to a fellow student.

Verbal Abuse: Using derogatory language, insults, or threats to intimidate or humiliate a student.

Psychological Harassment: Engaging in behavior that causes mental stress, fear, or emotional distress to a fellow student.

Forced Activities: Compelling a student to engage in activities against their will, which may include but is not limited to substance abuse, indecent exposure, or any other offensive behavior.